Completed projects

A genuine opus signinum

This work located outside of a private house, wanted to provide a space for a sidewalk to their door, located to the west of the building. To finish the look and features, as well as the environment where it was made, it was decided the new pavement Signinum.

The space

It was a long space of about 10 meters wide and 1 m lenght located outside and directly on the ground. Despite being a little work and a purely functional, we wanted to enhance it with the addition of various decorative elements, giving elegance and personality to the pavement.

Construction process

First of all it was necessary to lower a few inches to the chosen pavement to extend it a bed of gravel, which works as a layer of insulation while preparing for the pavement. As the pavement outside auction, he placed a brick spun cut to size and placed in convenient rowlock.

Then made the central decoration, so we were directly based on the tradition of Greco-Roman antiquity itself. Thus, in the area of ??the door, we made a real opus signinum floor with marble tiles.
Then we went to the laying of the mortar paving signinum own, namely a mixture of lime and brittle ceramic, occupying the entire surface of the pavement, refilling all the sites that let their own mosaic. Finally, as well as ornaments, were inserted into the rest of the floor several tiles bigger of marble and ceramic.

After a reasonable time curing, we proceeded to the finish through the desvast and polishing outer layer, leaving the entire surface for decorative pavement: the color and grain of the pavement near the one hand, and all the other ornaments made and inserted previously.

At the end, the result is a pavement with personality, elegant and sober at the same time.