Completed projects

Traditional lime plaster

This house, located in the region of Osona, wanted to recover liners that once covered their inner walls. Fruit of the building that had suffered neglect for many years, these coatings were lost completely, with our intervention has wanted to restore the original look that should show in their time of greatest splendor.

The space

This is a lounge located on the second floor of the building, and therefore with a more private living as distributor for the various rooms of the plant. Although it has few decorative elements, it should be noted that the work of the original stone lintels of each of its gates, but so far desaparcebudes being passed through the hall in stone. For this reason, we thought it appropriate to highlight the entire surface, to bring singularity and magnificence at the space.

Construction process

First, being all the walls of the room in stone, it was necessary to standardize their surfaces coated with lime and sand, which will be the basis for subsequent layers, and we stopped to look at the carved stone lintels and we thought it appropriate.

Then you started your own work of traditional lime coated with the laying of the first layer thicker mortar of lime and sand marble to be left with a finish swirls. Next, spread the second layer, thinner, fatter with a mortar made of lime and marble dust, and applied to wool heterogeneous way to avoid leaving too Trassem uniform look while Awarded Water the stucco. And finally, the work process is finished with a final application of a thin layer of lime putty, which has worked with spatula and brush to give a smooth satin all stucco surfaces.

The end result: the recovery of a pleasant open space, and a high technical quality rooted in our past.