Completed projects

The new pavement Signinum ®

This work is in a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city of Vic (Barcelona). The main building contains around several rooms adjoining the same time or later, some of which were still in use. On the ground floor of one of them was where the action was performed.

Due to the loss of its original use, this area remained mostly untapped due to lack of preparation for housing. For this reason, we chose to give it suitable conditions, and turn it into a meeting space comfortable and inviting.

The space

It was a rectangular space with a single nave, with approximate dimensions of 10m x 5m, an area where he was planning to spend more domestic use (cooking, dining, etc..) And other uses of a more playful type living. In order to use natural materials, it was decided to make a kitchen area more usual pavement made of handmade brick, and placed in a herringbone.

While for the living area, the area around 30m2, was our preferred option signinum ® flooring as fitted to the initial premises for the use of natural materials and also contributed to the character and personality space, as well as a new sense of comfort.

Construction process

The process of preparation of this pavement was divided into two phases, laying and finishing. In addition, use of the possibilities allowed by the combination of the pavement materials, suggested the possibility of drafting a schematic drawing to be included in the pavement. Here are the processes performed.

Extended phase. First of all, it was necessary to extend a gravel bed on the entire surface of the area and then be able to lay the floor because all the ship lacked any paving. Then he proceeded to the laying of pavement material, consisting of a mixture of water: crushed pottery of different sizes (from size to dust 2'5cm) and lime, which they obtained a mortar to look like concrete, but with a rose-coloured own because of the color of the materials (ceramics and lime).

However, before you performed the proposed design. Using a template, was transferred to the chosen drawing, made with solid bricks laid on its side and cut to the right size accordingly.

signinum_preparació_paviment     signinum_estesa_paviment

Finished phase. After pass up a reasonable time to ensure optimum strength and hardening properties, started the final finish. This phase consisted of removing the outermost layer of the pavement by machines, and reveal its composition: different kinds of sizes and colors of ceramics used crushed.

signinum_acabat_paviment    signinum_vic8
So the end result was obtained, pavement continuous without joints, made with 100% natural materials, personalized with a new sense of well-being and warmth.

See the full paper (pdf)