and restauration

Sgraffito, the retrieval of a technique.

Sgraffito is probably one of the best known techniques of traditional lime coatings. The origin of its name comes from the Italian sgraffiare, ie making incisions or scrape with a special tool called graphing.

This technique has been used since the earliest civilizations, for decorating pottery and other utensils, and even large ornamental parts of buildings and palaces of the Italian Renaissance. In Catalonia, Modernism gave such importance to this technique that it became an almost exclusive brand, with many examples spread mainly in Barcelona, and also in other parts of the country.

The technique of sgraffito is a profession: Stucco, of great importance in the past, when their skills were highly valued and were only passed on from parents to their children. However, this trade still survives today claiming from its artisan aspect and with respect to the materials used, lime being the center of attention. As in the past, the results are still surprising true works of art that adorn houses, buildings and monuments around our towns and cities.

With all respect to the ancient craftsmen, at SIGNINUM we recover their traditional techniques: sgraffito, stucco, fire pressing, lime painting, etc., as an integral part of our heritage.